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We have completed successful transactions for hundreds of clients – and changed the lives of hundreds of business owners across the U.S. and around the world. The common themes? Respect, relationship-building, and results. We won’t rest until you are as satisfied as they are…

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“Over five years, DAK evolved into trusted advisors, providing valuable industry insights and market knowledge. When it was time to sell, they smoothly transitioned into managing the transaction, reducing the pressure on us from juggling the sale process and daily operations.
DAK’s support extended to handling diligence requests, pushing back on unnecessary requests, and exploring alternative deliverables to optimize our time. DAK brought their extensive network to the transaction. They introduced us to a diverse pool of potential buyers; not just the likely industry candidates. We’re incredibly happy with the outcome and confident that DAK secured the best result in the overall process. Beyond the actual deal process, we found them to be genuinely nice, trustworthy, and sincere people.”

Dustin Campbell & Erik Waters
President/CEO & CFO/COO, AdTech Systems

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“What impressed me most was seeing how DAK’s focus was totally aligned with ours. After 6 months of hard work and dedication; we were 3 days before closing, and the buyer introduced new issues; we decided that revised terms were not in our best interest and it would be best to move on. The DAK team agreed that we should not have to give up any more to close the deal. They risked their fee and were willing to put it all on- the-line and walk away from the transaction because they knew it would not be right for us. It really meant a lot knowing they stood behind us no matter what, and that they had our absolute best interests in mind. Ultimately, with some tough negotiating, DAK was able to successfully close the transaction for us.”

Jefferey Wolff
Co-CEO, Herman ProAV

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“DAK was able to communicate our value, and leverage a significant growth opportunity for our buyer, and we thoroughly enjoyed the process! DAK spent the time to learn about our company, our industry and the valued entity we had grown over three decades. They were then able to effectively communicate that value to a wide variety of potentially interested parties. At the end of the day, DAK found a firm that recognized the value of our business and customer relationships. The buyer appreciated what we had created and were candid about where they thought they could work with us and where the business should go – becoming an excellent strategic fit.”

Harvey Doliner
Founder, Refrig-It Warehouse

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“I went from being alone in the process, to having DAK’s professional team present me in the best way possible. I was not planning to sell; it was a matter of perfect timing, I was not ready for the complex acquisition process. Thankfully I brought in DAK, and they were able to translate my entrepreneurial driven business into one that a major strategic acquirer could understand and appreciate. At the beginning of the process, DAK listened carefully and absorbed the information. Once the process began, DAK moved from a listener to dynamic team leader and when it was time to “roll up your sleeves” and craft the deal, that’s where DAK shined.”

Howard Kaufman
Founder, Princeton Artist Brush Co.

N & S Supply

“DAK’s experience and knowledge guided us through the process of marketing our business in a confidential and timely manner, delivering a very positive outcome. The DAK Team understands how to maximize the value of a business to a potential suitor in a meaningful way. They walked us through a challenging and at times emotional process in a determined and professional manner. I don’t believe we would have been able to achieve the outcome we did without them”

Wayne Nussbickel
President, N&S Supply

“This business has been a labor of love. We feel like our goals were a little different than most clients: we wanted to take money off the table, but continue to partner with a company that would share our vision to grow the business. We started this process on our own; not too long into it, we realized we were in way over our head. DAK does this all day long. They were amazing, they handled the details so we could stay focused on the business. We got more value than we ever expected! Thank you DAK for creating such a ‘sweet’ deal.”

Constance McDonald and Pamela Weekes
Founders and Co-Owners, Levain Bakery

Craftmaster Hardware Logo

“I’m one of those people who tries to live by the expression “win-win.” We were a 3rd generation business and wanted to pro-actively plan for the future of the company. DAK maximized our value, and I’m still able to be very much involved in the business doing only those things I truly enjoy. There was nothing that came up that DAK didn’t know how to handle. Not only did they professionally take us through a very complex process, but they helped me realize the second bite of the apple.”

Michael Spingeld
President, Craftmaster Hardware

Fortbrand Logo

“I knew the process of selling my business could be difficult at times, but it was something I had to do. DAK had terrific insight of how to position my business, created a competitive bidding situation and negotiated a valuation and deal structure that worked out extremely well for me.”

Henry Foster
President, Fortbrand Services

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“We knew that an acquisition was critical to our growth strategy. With DAK spearheading our efforts, we managed to identify the right company and negotiate, finance and close the deal before our competitors had formulated their offers.”

Howard Hirsch
Water Jel Technologies

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“As we continue on a path of corporate growth, we consider DAK Capital to be a trusted partner in the execution of our strategic vision. They didn’t just help us purchase assets; they also structured a creative agreement that met both parties’ current needs and will engender mutual continued success in the future.”

Jim Wallace
Forerunner Technologies

VCI – Emergency Vehicle Specialists recapitalized by Tightrope Capital & NewSpring Capital

VCI is the preeminent full lifecycle sales and service provider of emergency ambulance solutions to first aid squads, EMS organizations, fire departments, hospital organizations, municipalities, and private medical transport companies in the Mid-Atlantic Region. VCI was recapitalized by private equity firms Tightrope Capital Partners and NewSpring Capital.

DAK led a competitive, sell-side process for VCI, generating multiple offers from a wide range of strategic buyers and financial sponsors. By positioning the combination of VCI’s market leadership position, comprehensive services offering, strong manufacturer relationships, and robust backlog, DAK achieved an outstanding outcome for the company’s shareholders.

The acquisition provides the shareholders of VCI an opportunity to accelerate its growth strategy by expanding its core ambulance business, building out the value-added segments of conversions and remounts, implementing operational improvements, and pursuing acquisitions with the help of its new partners. Tightrope and NewSpring have an opportunity to leverage VCI’s strong management team and operating platform to build a multi-regional player in emergency ambulance solutions.

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