Strategic Leadership

Driving Value, Performance And Results

You’re the expert when it comes to your business. But new questions have to be answered before you can take it to the next level, hit more ambitious targets, or get ready for a possible succession or sale.

  • How can you increase the odds of hitting your goals?
  • How can your team improve their leadership and effectiveness?
  • Is your business properly positioned in a rapidly evolving marketplace?
  • What are potential buyers looking for, and are you prepared?
  • When the time comes to consider an exit, how can you maximize value?

DAK’s Strategic Leadership Advisory has helped many middle-market businesses find answers to these and many other questions. We can do the same for you.

Run your business like you’ll own it forever…but be prepared to sell tomorrow

Our team will “check under the hood” to see what is truly working and what is not. Leveraging a data-driven approach, we help our clients understand what’s driving their success so they can make more informed business decisions. The same steps and improvements that you would do to prepare your business for transition or sale are the same that will help to maximize value for a transfer to the next generation, encourage employee ownership participation or to simply operate the business at its peak performance. These are moves that simply cannot be made at the last minute, when a crisis is at hand, or on the eve of a sale. Your company needs to be optimized ahead of time.

Run Your Business like you will own it forever

The Strategic Leadership Advisory 360° Method

From assessment to execution, the DAK Strategic Leadership Advisory leverages our proven 360° Method. The end result: increased enterprise value and optimization of your business for whatever future you choose to pursue.

Step 1:
Pre-Market Assessment

We closely examine the current state of your operation. From there we make recommendations and provide you with strategic options for maximizing value.

Step 2:
Strategic Planning

We develop a plan of action with updated Vision, Purpose and Values, and we put them to work to craft quantifiable and measurable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Creating a shared-success incentive plan tied to these KPIs can quickly enhance your company’s performance and drive future results.

Step 3:

DAK works with you and your senior management team to create a culture of accountability and elite performance. You’ll feel the cohesion and effectiveness of your company build as you move towards your goals.

Why choose DAK’s Strategic Leadership Advisory?

Your Roadmap for the Future.

Our 360° Method will help you find opportunities for growth and craft an actionable plan to an updated vision of what your company can be.

A Steady Hand.

Our perspective comes from decades in the trenches, helping business owners build and receive value for their life’s work. DAK knows what matters to prospective buyers, and we know what it takes to grow and prosper in a competitive climate.

An Unbiased Eye.

Many of our team members include entrepreneurs, CEOs, and owners. We know what it takes to run a successful business – and we are not afraid to offer the objective advice your business needs.

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VCI – Emergency Vehicle Specialists recapitalized by Tightrope Capital & NewSpring Capital

VCI is the preeminent full lifecycle sales and service provider of emergency ambulance solutions to first aid squads, EMS organizations, fire departments, hospital organizations, municipalities, and private medical transport companies in the Mid-Atlantic Region. VCI was recapitalized by private equity firms Tightrope Capital Partners and NewSpring Capital.

DAK led a competitive, sell-side process for VCI, generating multiple offers from a wide range of strategic buyers and financial sponsors. By positioning the combination of VCI’s market leadership position, comprehensive services offering, strong manufacturer relationships, and robust backlog, DAK achieved an outstanding outcome for the company’s shareholders.

The acquisition provides the shareholders of VCI an opportunity to accelerate its growth strategy by expanding its core ambulance business, building out the value-added segments of conversions and remounts, implementing operational improvements, and pursuing acquisitions with the help of its new partners. Tightrope and NewSpring have an opportunity to leverage VCI’s strong management team and operating platform to build a multi-regional player in emergency ambulance solutions.

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